about me

Look at what a natty and elegant hat Magali wears!

I was 12 years old when I was in the hall of my school in Switzerland and what I never imagined, is that that moment of admiration not only of a hat, but also of a poise, an elegance and an attitude, would mark the path of my life .

After many years in a job, let’s call it “boring”, 40 came … and with them, I decided to break everything, stop for a while and reflect about the direction I should take.

Then I understood that the most important thing is to listen to that inner voice that leads you to do what really makes you happy.

I create Charo López Atelier, born from that moment of admiration in a hallway of my Swiss school, of an illusion and the need to unleash my creativity. I receive training from great artisans and professionals both national and international and thus discover the secrets of the millinery.

Today, I have an artisan workshop in which you will not only find materials such as porcelain, stones, crystals, metals, pearls and others, but you will feel the dedication, illusion and detail that is put into each headpiece.

Each bride is unique and like her, my headpieces too. They are designed and created to complete the styling of the bride in that special day. An important part of the process are those interviews in which my brides tell me their ideas, their illusions so that this way, I can create their headpiece, their «Charo».