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The headpieces that you can see on this web are made for a collection but part of my agenda is dedicated to attend brides who need something special made by and for them. If you need a special bridal headpiece, do not hesitate to contact me through the contact form on this site, through the email hola@charolopezatelier.com or using the whatsapp of this website.
When making a bridal headpiece I take into account all the details and it is very useful for me to see photos of the dress, shoes and even know the colors that the bouquet will have. The minimum advance for the manufacture of a custom bridal headpiece is three months, although I study each case individually.
No, headpieces can be made only with porcelain but it is very common to add them crystals, gems and other elements. All these nuances are agreed with each bride when designing her headpiece.
Yes, brides often have jewels with sentimental value that I incorporate into their headpieces. I'll adapt to all your requests trying to make the bridal headpiece of your dreams.
No, my headpieces, whether collectible or custom made, are always unique pieces that are not repeated again.

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