Your custom-made bridal headpiece fully customized.

The headpieces that leave the workshop, whether custom made or collectible pieces, are handmade and unique and therefore, unrepeatable.

Custom made pieces, whether headpieces, combs, tiaras, headbands or accessories, are designed after listening to each bride.

I always like to see photos of the dress, the shoes and the bridal bouquet, besides knowing the style of the wedding and the preferences of the bride.

Agates, quartz, jades, pearls, metals and the star part of the workshop, hand-painted porcelain shading the colors. They are all details that the bride decides when she comes to design together with me her custom bridal headpiece, in short, her Charo.

Would you like to have the bridal headpiece of your dreams totally custom made for you?


Often, custom made headpieces have incorporated important elements or jewels for our bride, that’s why one of my goals is that the headpiece won’t be a simple complement, but the union of the material with the sentimental.

– Charo López

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